Street photography with the XF 56

Addmittedly, an X-T1 and XF 56 combo isn’t quite as unobtrusive as an X100(S/T) would be. But the short telephoto length together with its speed at f/1.2 allows for some interesting shots.

Yesterday, I took this combo out in Frankfurt. I used the great profile configuration suggested by Marco Larousse at We Shoot Fuji.

From the Leipziger Straße, some glimpses of graffiti-covered backyards can be catched.


XF 56 at f/4.0


At wide open aperture, the background becomes nicely blurred even at some distance.

Think globally

XF 56 at f/1.2


During lunchtime, many office workes come to Leipziger Straße to buy some food or to eat out.


XF 56 at f/4.0